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Change your habits.
Transform your life.

Discipulus is a Catholic discipleship app that helps you experience the joy of God by equipping you to live the spiritual disciplines of prayer, study, mission, virtue, and community, following after some of the greatest people in history.

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Why Discipulus?

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The complete discipleship app.

Prayer is essential for progressing in the spiritual life, but it is not the only facet. Discipulus is the only Catholic app that supports and challenges you to grow in all aspects of discipleship.

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Change your habits. Transform your life.

Do you struggle with the consistency needed for lasting transformation? With the help of the Catholic spiritual tradition and habit research, you will form the same habits that God has used to shape some of the greatest people in human history.

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A simplified roadmap for your spiritual growth.

Not sure what the next steps are in your relationship with God? Growing as a disciple is hard, but it shouldn't be complicated. With Discipulus, the richness of the Catholic faith is now easily accessible at your fingertips.

The App

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Key Features


Goals are how Discipulus helps you stay on track with your spiritual journey. They are always available to you on the main screen of the app. Goals are broken out into "Today", "This Week", and "Anytime" to help simplify your schedule and give you more time with God.

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Spiritual growth can be hard to measure, but tracking habits that lead to spiritual growth shouldn't be. Discipulus' spiritual journey consists of progressing through Degrees. Each Degree is a set number of days and requires certain requirements. As you level up, each Degree builds upon the previous – a little more prayer time, more missions to complete, additional time with your community, and other goals are added.

If you don't reach the required score by the end of the Degree, don't worry. You can continue in the same Degree until you reach the required score.

Stay up-to-date with your progress right in the app. It is updated as you finish your goals. You can also view the progress of other community members and encourage them to stay on-track.

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Reminders help build habits and they have always been part of our faith, from church bells ringing before Mass to monasteries giving reminders to pause throughout the day to pray the Liturgy of the Hours.

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Pray with Audio

Discipulus offers guided prayer sessions with audio accompaniment. There is a male and female voice you can choose from and background music is offered in order to set the mood for your prayer.

Don't want to pray with audio? Want to use your favorite prayer book or a different prayer app? No worries. Discipulus offers a self-directed option for each prayer along with a self-guided prayer allowing you the freedom to pray how you want while still tracking your time with God in the app.

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Community Messaging

Discipulus offers in-app messaging to easily stay connected and build relationships with your community. No more needing to share phone numbers for text/SMS, or emails, or trying to get everyone to use the same messaging app.

Each community that you are a member of has its own messaging group allowing you to instantly connect with the other members of your community. Messages can be used to "check-in" with each other to see how your week is going, request prayers for a specific intention, share something that you found inspirational, schedule a time to meet up, or anything else you may think of.

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App Categories

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Prayer strengthens your relationship with God. The app offers audio-guided prayer along with an option for self-directed prayer. You pick what best fits your spirituality and your daily routine.

In addition to daily prayer, there are also other goals like Sunday Mass, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and abstaining from meat on Fridays.

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The more you know God, the more your heart will love Him. Learn more about the Catholic faith through curated videos, audio, and other content at your own pace and in your own time.

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You are called to help change the world for the better by putting your faith into action. Each Degree requires a certain number of missions to be completed in order to progress.

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Practicing virtue helps you overcome sin and frees you to love others well. You'll choose a virtue to practice each day with a daily examination.

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You weren't meant to do this alone. You will need others to help you on your journey. Create or join a community in order to encourage and hold one another accountable. You'll be able to see each other's Degree Progress and stay connected through in-app messaging.



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